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quality software

With regular enhancements and updates, Inventory Manager is a great value.


excellent support

Have an issue? Send me an email and expect an answer quickly!


intuitive design

Time is money! Inventory Manager is intuitive enough to learn in less than an hour.

Finally! An AFFORDABLE inventory management system!

Why spend hundreds or (or even thousands) of dollars for an inventory management system when this great piece of software will do it for a fraction of the price! Other software makes you request a quote or call for pricing. Does that scare you? There’s a reason their prices aren’t advertised — they’re OVER PRICED!

Know exactly what you’ll pay if you love it… Just $49.00.

Inventory Manager is A fairly simple inventory management system with check in / check out functionality, and bar code field (working with most typical bar code scanners), with a couple reports to find out what’s currently checked out, and also to see all check out history, the ability to automatically backup the database on exit, stay up to date with the latest version, checking for updates from within the application.

With Item Quantity management!

Add a single item, and enter your quantity on hand, and make managing your inventory even easier! Checked out times will be deducted from “Quantity On Hand” and put it in “Quantity Checked Out.” Get a shipment in? Click the “Add to Qty” button, and add to the quantity in a few clicks! It’s never been easier!