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Frequently Asked Questions

I often get emails about the same issues

Here, I hope to answer the most common ones.

What’s the difference between the free and paid version?

Barcode Field
Cost Field
Add Images to items
Item Quantities
Free updates for version 1.x.x
Nag screen at start
Unlimited Types

(3 type limit)

Unlimited Items

(10 unique item limit)

Export To Excel
Backup Database on exit
Force Unique Barcodes
Delete Checkout History

What do you recommend for Cloud Backup?

Personally, I use Copy from Barracuda — using the referral link, you start out with 20 GB of free storage, and both you and the new signup get an extra 5 GB for each additional referral. I’ve used it for several months, and it just works. (It even backs up folders from a shortcut dropped in the Copy folder, so you don’t have to move all the files you want to backup like you do with other options).

With the registered version of this software, you can choose to backup your data each time you exit, then back up your data to the cloud using Copy — simple, and free!

What Barcode Scanners are supported?

 While I haven’t tested 100% of scanners, I can say that I’ve yet to find a model that works with Windows that does not work with the software.

Scanners must be connected to the workstation (either by USB, or Bluetooth where available).

Ok — but what scanners do you recommend?

 While there is a wide range of scenarios, items with which I have personally had success are the Motorola Symbol LS2208 USB model.

Does the software generate barcodes for me?

 No – currently Inventory Manager does not generate barcodes. However, there are plenty of free websites or fonts available to generate your barcodes, or, you can usually use barcodes already existing on the items if your scenario allows.

(Inventory Manager is not affiliated with either link provided in this FAQ — if either link is broken, or has changed to redirect to questionable content, please alert me right away so I can take action to remove the links from my site)