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Revision History

Revision: v1.10.0.0 (2020-Jun-05)
-Updated sofware to .NET 4.5.2
-Updated software to newer SQL Express version (2017) – existing installs should be able to use current installed on their system
-Enhancement – Add option to set default “Checked Out To” name for Check Out

Revision: v1.9.19.0 (2016-Nov-22)
-Enhancement – Add option to set default “Checked Out To” name for Check Out screen (Main Options screen)
-Enhancement – Add option to set default “Quantity In” amount to amount checked out on “Check In” screen (Main Options screen)
-Enhancement – Add option to delete ALL check out history when deleting items (Manage Items Options screen)
-Bug Fix – Fix button activations on Manage Items screen when Item list is empty

Revision: v1.9.18.0 (2016-Nov-14)
-Bug Fix- Fix issue on first launch getting “Invalid Column” message

Revision: v1.9.17.0 (2016-Nov-14)
-Enhancement – Add option to suppress “Are you sure you want to close the application”
-Enhancement – Set “Active” button to “Filter” on Manage Items screen on text change in filter boxes
-Enhancement – Add thumbnail photo for selected item on Manage Items screen
-Minor Bug Fixes

Revision: v1.9.16.0 (2015-Jun-23)
-Bug Fix – Fix NULL error when using Add To or Remove From Inventory buttons on Manage Items Screen

Revision: v1.9.15.0 (2015-Jan-21)
-Bug Fix – Fix issues on “Check In Screen” with Item Names now filtering in list.

Revision: v1.9.14.0 (2015-Jan-15)
-Bug Fix – Fix issues on “Check In Screen” with Item Names now showing up in list.

Revision: v1.9.13.0 (2014-Nov-27)
-Minor Enhancement- Added “Serial Number” field to Check Out / Check In screens
-Bug Fix – Fixed Last visible field not exporting to Excel

Revision: v1.9.12.0 (2014-Nov-13)
-Bug Fix – Export To Excel issues resolved.

Revision: v1.9.11.0 (2014-Oct-23)
-Bug Fix – Check In Screen Item Filter / search functionality issues resolved.

Revision: v1.9.10.0 (2014-Sep-09)
-Enhancement – Added quick view of Item Count and Qty On Hand based on filter on Manage Items screen
-Bug Fix – Escaped characters in Filter functionality where available.

Revision: v1.9.9.0 (2014-Jul-09)
-Enhancement – Sort Item drop down by name instead of by ID on Check Out and Check In screen

Revision: v1.9.8.0 (2014-Jul-03)
-Enhancement – Added auto-register for mutli-user machines – after the first user registers, when launched from another user account, it will look for registration info from first registration.
-Enhancement – Option to backup images with database files on exit now available.
-Bug Fix – Remove from Quantity will now allow you to remove all (not having to leave 1)

Revision: v1.9.7.0 (2014-Mar-25)
-Enhancement – Added row number to first column on data grids
-Bug Fix – “Select Item” dropdown not populating on Check-In screen

Revision: v1.9.6.0 (2014-Feb-27)
-Bug Fix – “Currently Checked Out” Filter not limited to Checked Out — resolved

Revision: v1.9.5.0 (2014-Jan-23)
-Bug Fix – “Check In” from “Currently Checked Out” functionality error at times fixed

Revision: v1.9.4.0 (2014-Jan-18)
-Bug Fix – ModelNumber and Location field not pulling correct data on “Edit Item” screen

Revision: v1.9.3.0 (2014-Jan-16)
-Enhancement – Added “Remove from Quantity” button on Manage Items screen
-Bug Fix – Fix image displayed on Check In screen
-Minor Bug Fix – Enable / Disable “Add To Quantity” button when no items available

Revision: v1.9.2.0 (2013-Dec-18)
-Enhancement – Added “Location” field for Items
-Enhancement – Removed dependency for Excel to export to Excel
-Bug Fix – Quick Check Out error when items filtered fixed
-Bug Fix – Fixed “Image Path not Found” error when saving images
-Bug Fix – Fixed “Force Unique Serial Number” option
-Bug Fix – Several other minor fixes that have been reported

Revision: v1.9.1.0 (2013-Oct-14)
-Enhancement – Added Serial Number field for Items
-Enhancement – Added “Add To Quantity” button for Items
-Bug Fix – Backup On Close now fixed.
-Bug Fix – “Filter” and “Clear Filter” no longer showing checked in items on “Currently Checked Out” page
-Minor Bug Fix / Enhancement – Added ability to specify Qty in when checking in from Check Out reports

Revision: v1.9.0.0 (2013-Mar-07)
–Enhancement – Added Quick Check Out functionality – check the checkbox, and the window stay open until you close it manually, even after the item is checked out

Revision: v1.8.9.0 (2013-Jan-18)
–Enhancement – Fixed export to Excel to only export visible columns and also retain column order.
–Minor bug fixes / improvements to other code

Revision: v1.8.8.0 (2012-Dec-17)
–Perfomance issues – Fixed issue where tables with many (over 1,500) records would take a long time to load / not sort properly

Revision: v1.8.7.0 (2012-Nov-15)
–Bug Fix – Disallow deleting items when any quantity checked out.
–Bug Fix – Adding images was setting the image to the wrong ID ONLY from “Add New” – “Edit Item” was not affected.
–Minor Enhancements

Revision: v1.8.6.0 (2012-Oct-18)
–Bug Fix – Typos (oops)
–Enhancement – Improved reporting for Added to “Currently Checked Out” report.
–Enhancement – Improved filtering for Items (now filter by Item name and Barcode, as well as by Type).

Revision: v1.8.5.0 (2012-Sep-24)
–Bug Fix – Fixed error where updating Quantity from 0 to more than 0 was not unmarking item as “checked out,” thus not allowing the item to be checked out again.
–Enhancement – MUCH improved reporting for All Check Out History (will likely be added to “Currently Checked Out” in next release).

Revision: v1.8.4.0 (2012-Sep-07)
–Bug Fix – Fixed error where attempting to “Check In” an item without inputting a quantity would crash the program
–Minor Bug Fix – Updated code to show “Quantity Out” correctly when opening “Check In” screen

Revision: v1.8.3.0 (2012-Aug-09)
–Bug Fix – Fixed the “Delete check Out Record” error on the All Check Out Reports screen
–Enhancement – updated the Export to Excel function to work a little cleaner.

Revision: v1.8.2.0 (2012-July-26)
–Enhancement – Added ability to specify quantity checked out and in.

Revision: v1.8.1.0 (2012-July-20)
–Bug fix – Fixed error when starting up for user when generating Registration Code.

Revision: v1.8.0.0 (2012-July-13)
-Enhancement – Added support for Quantities. See how many of a certain item you have in stock and checked out. Can be disabled in Options (registered users).
—- Users that are upgrading from a previous version — all items will be set to quantity of “1” – if the item is currently checked out, “Quantity In Hand” will show as “0” and “Qty Checked Out” will show as 1.
-Other code enhancements – always making it better

Revision: v1.7.2.0 (2012-May-02)
-Update – Point downloads and application to new website (https://www.simple-im.com)
-Update – Support for newer versions of Sql Express, with download links for 32 and 64 bit versions of SQL Server Express 2008 R2 (modified installers for minimal user interaction)
-Update – Paving the way for Affiliate builds – Ready to get paid for recommending IM?
-Update – Updated the way “Check For Updates” verifies if there’s a newer version available
-Bug fix – Fixed “Buy Now” link on “All Check Out History” report for non-registered users
-Other code enhancements – always making it better

Revision: v1.7.1.0 (2012-Apr-17)
-Bug Fix – Allow deletion of Check Out records after item has been deleted
-Fixed the default database to not have more than 1 record pre-entered

Revision: v1.7.0.0 (2012-Mar-21)
-Enhancement – Arrange columns the way you want, and hide the ones you don’t want to see in Items, and both Check Out reports
-Bug Fix – dealing with errors when checking for special news (such as for users behind a proxy).
-Various other minor bug fixes and code improvements

Revision: v1.6.5.0 (2012-Mar-7)
-Bug Fix – “Check In” was selecting the wrong item in some cases when using a barcode.

Revision: v1.6.4.0 (2012-Feb-13)
-Enhancement – Added checkbox for “Quick Check In” on Check In screen – checking the box will keep the “Check In” window open after an item is checked in.
-Minor Bug Fix – Check In screen results updates when Type is changed.
-Splash Screen window now shows up in Task Bar as to not get hidden if another program is clicked
-Other minor bug fixes

Revision: v1.6.3.0 (2012-Jan-20)
-BUG FIX – Checking items in from “Currently Checked Out” report was messed up.
-Also added code to fix items that were messed up by this bug (still showing as “Checked Out” after they were checked in)
-Enhancement – Added “Check Out Notes” and “Check In Notes”, along with ability to modify the Check Out Notes while an item is checked out

Revision: v1.6.2.0 (2012-Jan-14)
-Registered User Request – Enhancement – Added “Checked Out To” to Items page
-Enhancement – Updated “News” page to be HTML to be further configurable
-Enhancement – Clicking “Buy Now” buttons now enter Registration Number in order form.
-Changed “Bug Report” in Help menu to point to http://forum.tbare.com
-Pointed “Download Update” to https://sourceforge.net/projects/tbare-im/files/latest/download for increased reliability for updates
-Minor enhancements to code, etc.

Revision: v1.6.1.0 (2011-Dec-01)
-Bug Fix – Item search on Check In and Check Out screens were not updating descriptions when items were found
-Bug Fix – When Permanent Check Out was disabled, reports were still showing the column
-Minor enhancements to code, etc.

Revision: v1.6.0.0 (2011-Nov-21)
-Bug Fix – Versions greater than x.y.z.0 where z is greater than 9 were not alerting of new versions available.
-Bug Fix – Items marked as Permanent Check Out were allowed to be checked in with Context Menu on reports and Items screens
-Enhancement – Barcodes field added to both reports
-Enhancement – Permanent Checkout option can now be disabled for registered users

Revision: v1.5.10.0 (2011-Nov-17)
-Bug Fix – 64 bit SQLServer Express 2005 download link was pointing to 32 bit file
-Bug Fix – Overseas user reported errors when checking in and checking out items

Revision: v1.5.9.0 (2011-Oct-13)
-New feature – Get alerted of special news, including special pricing if you’re not registered
-Added Pictures on the home screen buttons
-Various small bug fixes

Revision: v1.5.8.0 (2011-Sept-08)
-New feature – Export reports to Excel (Registered Users Only). Clicking this menue option will open excel, and automatically import all rows into a nice Excel spreadsheet, and, if you’re using the Cost field, even total up the total cost for that report.
-New feature – Report a bug from within the program (with file attachment). Help > Report a Bug. now you can report a bug, and add a file attachment to the report, and it will be emailed directly to me.

Revision: v1.5.7.0 (2011-Aug-25)
-Bug fix – Printed reports no longer show hidden columns (Cost, for example)
-Bug fix – Fixed Line Breaks in descriptions showing up properly on reports, both on screen and printed
-Bug fix – Printed “All Check Out History” Report no longer shows “12-31-1949” for non-checked out items
-Bug fix – Closing program using File > Exit menu option now asks if you’re sure and backs up database on exit (if option is set)
-Enhancement – Double-clicking Types and Items now opens “Edit” window
-Minor Enhancement – Added underlines for all menu items all the time for “Alt + …” keyboard shortcuts
-Minor Enhancement – Added keyboard shortcuts for main window menu options (visible by clicking on the menu item)

Revision: v1.5.6.0 (2011-Aug-20)
-Bug fix – blank cost field and hitting save no long throws error and cancels save.
-Bug fix – Splash screen wasn’t showing up for XP users.
-Enhancement – Removed SQLServer Express auto-install during setup
-Enhancement – Changed “SQL Server Missing” dialog box – added buttons to download 32 and 64 bit versions from tbare.com

Revision: v1.5.5.0 (2011-Aug-18)
-Added more menu options
-Added file menu and context menu icons
-Other minor enhancements

Revision: v1.5.4.0 (2011-Aug-13)
-Added context menus allowing various actions to selected row:
–Edit, Delete, and Check In for “Items”
–Edit and Delete for “Types”
–Check In for “Currently Checked Out report”
–Delete and Check In for “All Check Out History.”
-Minor bug fix – arrow now follows selected row when you edit a type and item.
-Minor tweaks / enhancements including regulating which windows show up in the taskbar

Revision: v1.5.3.0 (2011-Aug-10)
-Major Bug Fix – Checking for updates from within the app was looking at SwithMail version (oops!), and also not alerting if new version was available when “Check Now” button pushed from Options menu and also Help Menu. All issues now resolved.
-New splash screen background
-Removed “what’s happening” text as some users were noticing a display refresh issues.
-Minor bug fix – fixed tab-order on Add Items and Add Types for buttons added in
-Easter Eggs! can you find them?

Revision: v1.5.2.0 (2011-Aug-03)
-Registered user request: added additional “Save” options for items and types – “Save & Add Another,” and “Save & Add Similar” – both keep the “Add” window open.
-Added “Print” menu for Types
-“Delete” key now deletes Items and types – user is still prompted to ensure they want to delete the object
-Minor bug fixes including – fields being cleared and focus being set properly when going into “Add Items” and “Add Types” windows repeatedly.

Revision: v1.5.1.0 (2011-Jul-26)
-Bug Fix – Editing and saving an item when “All Items” checkbox checked would sometimes throw an error – Item DID always save
-Bug Fix – Editing and saving an item when “All Items” checkbox checked did not show all items – related to previous bug
-Minor bug fixes including Check In / Out Item information correctly displaying and tab indexes for multiple windows
-Other Check In / Out Filter enhancements

Revision: v1.5.0.0 (2011-Jul-21)
-Unregistered version is now fully functional, except for checking for updates on startup, backing up database on close, and deleting Check Out History.
-Unregistered users can now add images to items.
-Changed unregistered version to 3 type and 10 item maximum – upgraded version will keep all current items and types, but not allow adding any more.
-Added “Item name filter” in Check In and Check Out windows. Now you can search for your items by name.
-Barcodes are now OPTIONAL for registered users.
-Barcodes no longer have to be unique – option is available to force unique barcode for registered users.
-When searching for barcodes in Check In and Check Out windows, if multiple barcodes are found, all items with that barcode are listed in the items drop down
-Added option to Hide disabled options for registered users – don’t want to use Cost, Images, or Barcodes? Disable them, and hide them and keep the program nice and tidy.
-Other minor bug fixes, optimizations, and spelling corrections

Revision v1.4.3.0 (2011-Jul-17)
-Registered User request: Added image functionality to items – now you can SEE what you have! (registered users only).
-Images appear in the Edit Item, Check Out, and Check In windows.
-New Icon!
-About screen now closes when “Esc” key pressed.
-Big Fix – Edited item or type is now the selected row after “Save” is clicked

Revision: v1.4.2.0 (2011-Jul-11)
-minor bug fix

Revision: v1.4.1.0 (2011-Jul-10)
-Registered User request: Added functionality to view all items, and print report
-Added functionality to delete check out history for registered users. Option to enable / disable in Options menu
-Added “Check For Updates” to Help menu
-Bug Fix – Items with prior check out history now able to search by barcode without “Item not found” message appearing

Revision: v1.4.0.0 (2011-Jun-30)
-Registered User request: Added optional “Cost” field – can be turned on/off in Options for registered users
-Registered User request: Added “Permanent Check Out” option – Items marked will not show up in “Check In” dialog
-Added option to copy Item changes to Checked Out history
-registered users can set default to “Always update,” “Never update,” or “Always ask”
-Bug fix – disabled “Edit Item” and “Delete Item” buttons when no items are available for type
-Bug fix – “Barcode” and “Check Out to” fields blanked when “Check Out” and “Check In” closed and re-opened
-Database update – Added columns in InventoryItems for Cost and Permantent Check Out
-Database update – Added columns in CheckOutInfo for Cost
-Added code to automatically add columns to table on startup for existing databases, and copy information from existing tables to new columns on first launch (if updating).

Revision: v1.3.1.0 (2011-Jun-24)
-Bug fix – Deleted items no longer blank out fields in Check Out history report.
-Bug fix – Now forcing “Updates Available” and Registration screen to the front so they don’t hide behind the splash screen
-Database update – Added columns in CheckOutInfo table to store item information
-Added code to automatically add columns to table on startup for existing databases, and copy information from existing tables to new columns on first launch (if updating).

Revision: v1.3.0.0 (2011-Jun-22)
-Added registration
-Changed license from ‘Free for all’ to ‘Free for home’
-Purchase a serial for $35.00 / computer
-Removed ability to back up files and check for updates from non-registered users.

Revision: v1.2.1.0 (2011-Jun-21)
-Added “Check for updates” functionality
-Added link to project homepage (http://inventorymanager.tbare.com) on About form

Revision: v1.2.0.0 (2011-Jun-20)
-Added installer
-Moved database to /data subfolder
-Added “Backup DB On Exit” option (available in ‘Tools > Options…’ menu)
-Added splash screen to pre-load datasets and check for SQL EXPRESS.

Revision: v1.1.0.0 (2011-Jun-03)
-Added ability to print reports from the application
-Changed second level forms to Modal forms
-Minor bug fixes / tweaks

Revision: v1.0.0.0 (2011-Jun-01)
-Initial release