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In addition to being the director of the Practical Arts/Technology Department at Milford High School, I teach over one-hundred and forty students a day. Being a photo teacher, cameras are the textbooks of my class, and therefore need to be lent out and tracked. My cameras change hands every day. Thanks to Inventory Manager, tracking cameras has become a breeze! After an easy purchase, I was able to keep track of thousands of dollars of inventory. Not only does this save my department money, it saves the school and the taxpayers money. The money that used to be spent on lost cameras can now be used to buy software and other essential items. I will certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to keep track of valuable assets. I cannot imagine how I survived without it!

Joe, Milford High School

Tim is always very quick and responsive to any questions or needs I have! I recently had major problems with multiples harddrives and was un-able to get my inventory Manager working. Within a half hour Tim had me up and running and offered other valuable advice to protect me in the future. For years I was looking for a simple inventory software…which this definitely is. But the real value is the support you get with the purchase.

Dan, Shindig Lighting 

We can’t imagine how our inventory would be if it wasn’t for Inventory Manager. It is great software, easy to use and great customer service. We are very satisfied with the product and the service! I will recommend it to everybody!

Roderick R. 

 This is actually the best straightforward software to give to end users who have to do inventory or monitor check in/out of equipment that I’ve come across — lightweight and simple interface.

Scott R.

We needed a light weight, user friendly and affordable software that allowed us to efficiently keep track of our mobile devices. After testing several solutions, we decided to use a custom implementation of Inventory Manager. Not only has the software surpassed our expectations, but the customer service has proven this is by far the best choice we could’ve made.

Ivan M. -Software Development Manager

Thank You so much. Your software is by far the closest thing to my “idea” I’ve seen yet and you can’t beat your price and support off with a ten foot stick!

LaVergne Plumbing and Heating

The support you have provided for your software has been amazing, you took time late at night to help me every step of the way.

That in my eyes is what makes software stand out and worth the investment.

We will be looking at getting custom build soon.

Hugo P. -Directbuy Toronto N.A.

“With Inventory Manager we reorganized our entire stock room, this saves us time and we all know that time is money!

We even have our own custom build with email warning us that stock is getting low. The software is simple and so easy to use even my 6 year old could use it.

I didn’t find everything I needed with other major brands of software but with Inventory Manager I got everything I was looking for and even more!!

Thanks a bunch Tim!”

Jean-Francois D. -IT Technician

“I really enjoy the program. It really makes it easy for us to manage our inventory… it’s working great for me. Keep up the good work!”

Andrew M. -Network Technician

“Inventory Manager allows easily accessible information about location of equipment and details about individual loans. Tim is easy to communicate with and when we have suggested changes to the software to suit our needs, Tim has implemented these promptly. As a result Inventory Manager has enabled our equipment loan pool to run more efficiently which has in turn benefited our clients.”

Emma A. -RNSH Occupational Therapy Department

“Inventory Manager allowed us to quickly and easily perform a full inventory and cost evaluation of our IT inventory. It also allows us to keep the inventory up-to-date with minimum effort. Way to go Tim, you’re a life saver!”

Willie H. -Systems Analyst for local government.


Has Inventory Manager helped your business? Let us know!